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When did you start playing golf?

Compared to many junior golfers now, I would have been considered Old starting out. I was 15...maybe 16 when I started to enjoy golf.It was by chance also. My dad was a member at Balbriggan Golf Club and I used to be dragged along to caddy. He asked me if I wanted to hit a ball one day while we walked the 3rd hole. I was hooked. I still remember what club I hit - Top Flite 7 Iron , Mens Stiff Shaft.


Best memory from Golf?

Its sad really because its not a big major day or win.....Both my brother and I were involved in the Junior Section at Balbriggan GC. They held a Junior matchplay every year and wouldnt you know we got drawn against eachother. The match went to the 19th hole and my brother sank a 30 foot putt to win the match. Although I didnt win its still my best memory because I knew what it would have ment for him to lose to his sister. He was a great golfer and helped me overcome a lot on the golf course.


Why did you become a PGA Professional?

I started working for Nigel Howley in Balbriggan when he started there in 2004/2005. I loved being part of the Proshop. It really was amazing to see him work with his members. It amazed me how much people relied on his advice, his coaching and he was the go to for all golfers at the club. It made me think maybe I could do that.

 Ive always wanted to have my own business so turning my hobby into a career ticked all the boxes for me.

How do you become a PGA Professional?

Its a three year course hosted by The University of Birmingham. The course is a Dipolma in Golf Management based on work placement and sometime in the Belfry. Over the three years you engage in modules such as Business, Club Technology, Coaching and Sport Science. Each module comes with a written exam and a practical element. Its fairly hands on. You also have to complete a Playing Ability Test. Shoot no more than 14 over par over 2 rounds on the same day. Sadly I failed it the first time, the nerves got to me but got through it the second time.

What are some of your weaknesses as a golfer?

My head gets in the way of eveything. I never wanted to be a player, always a coach with a retail outlet, but my head got in the way of me enjoying golf for many years. I felt there was an expectation that I had to play amazing golf all the time, and my value as a PGA Professional was based on the score I recorded. I had to step away from it for a few years. I focused on the shop and being at the club. It wasnt time wasted at all. I have a new found love for the game of golf now. I enjoy it, I dont take it to seriously and that has helped a lot.

What does the future hold for you and DBGolf?

I love my job and I love being at Rush.The days dont feel like work days and Im always aware that my hobby has become my job and not many people have that luxury. Im part of the Taylormade Womens Advisory Board again this year and that may open a few doors down the line. I hope to expand the business online over the next few years and see where that take me. The ultimate dream would be to design a Womens Golf Clothing Brand but for now Il stick to selling the clothes rather than designing them...but who knows whats to come. My mother always says 'Whats for you, never passes you by'

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