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What are family for ...?

So given that I am at home a lot more now, its given me the time to reflect on the important things in life and the people in it. I have an amazing core group of friends who like me have had their world twisted and turned into the new ‘Normal’. Not having a reason to get up in the morning or having a routine has probably been the hardest thing for me to get my head around. From getting up 7 days a week and going to the club to now not setting an alarm or having a real reason to get out of the pjs and actually get dressed. But the one thing that has helped me deal with the current lock down is a routine albeit its not the busiest routine in the world but a routine all the same.

This morning I joined my mam and dad for a walk on the beach followed by lunch in front of the tv with Harry Potter being the film of choice. It wasn’t anything I could have imagine my day would have been filled with but I truly enjoyed the time with my mam and dad. In a world where we simply just go through the motions to actually stop, talk and enjoy each others company was something I haven’t had time to do in a long time.

My brother who is currently enjoying his life in New York was the missing link this morning and although you are never too far away from people with Facetime and Whats app not having him here to enjoy the simple things in life really hits home right now. We know we wont have him for Christmas this year and in some ways I feel relieved that his is living the life he has always dreamed of but I do often think did we waste the time we had together before he went away. Were we always to busy working to enjoy his company? I am lucky to have this time to spend with my mam and dad and to have them to myself and for that I am incredibly grateful.

They both retired in the last year and I know this is not how they imagined spending their first year of retirement but let’s be honest it could be a lot worse. We live withing 5km of each other and we have a beautiful beach on our doorstep, they are both healthy and have great friends around them. I can only hope for them they can enjoy their retirement in years to come with no restrictions.

My fiancé Dean is a workaholic by nature, even on his day off you can guarantee he is fixing something for someone or building something for anyone. It’s both a flaw and something that I admire in him every day. He will never be idle. Now that Rugby has come to a standstill I think how may odd jobs can I throw at him at once before he realises that his trusty carpentry skills will prove more work than he could have imagined and his longing for Rugby will only grow stronger pushing my odd jobs down his Saturday ‘to do’ list. To be fair I owe him more than I could ever give him back. He has been the backbone of DBGolf for the last 3 years. Not once in the 3 years has he ever complained about the long days I spend at the club, early weekend morning alarms, or late night behind the scenes work. If anything, he is always there to offer reassurance that everything will be fine and to keep going. It makes a difference having someone who understands your career and wants it to be a success no matter the cost.

So for now, as I close the doors of my business once again and try to be optimistic about what the next 6 weeks are going the bring there is one thing I can be sure of …..and that’s the family and friends I have around me will continue to support me no matter what. We cant do everything on our own, its okay to say ‘I need help’.

After all ‘What are family for….?’

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